Can you think of any other part of the world where 40km brings such a complete and radical culture change?

As you leave Gibraltar heading south, you are just a stretch of water away from another country in every sense. Morocco, with its sights, scents and intoxicating North African vibe, has long held a fascination for travellers in search of a very different ambience.

Yet from the UK, it is just a four hour flight away – and with a balmy sub-tropical climate that even in winter hovers around the 18°C mark.

All of which makes a compelling proposition for second home owners, and indeed investors looking for an interesting opportunity with years of fun attached.


This property comes with the opportunity to test drive before you buy, as it is currently available for rent and sale.

It encapsulates everything you would want in a Marrakech property. Whether that’s waking up to the awe-inspiring vista of the Atlas Mountains; and the Berber-style architecture and authentic interior design with five ensuite bedrooms; and the tranquil gardens complete with an orange grove; and the brief 35-minute drive into the beating heart of Marrakech itself.

Dar ZitounaDar Zitouna 2Dar Zitouna 3Dar Zitouna 4

You’ll find full details on Dar Zita here.

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