As well as finding and referencing tenants, drawing up tenancy agreements and collecting rent, we can offer you a full management service.

This means taking care of all day to day issues for which you are responsible, in providing your tenant with a home that works smoothly and safely.

The advantages to landlords are considerable:

  • we field all calls from tenants, around the clock
  • we decide, from experience, on the most cost-efficient action
  • we are major customers of trusted plumbers, builders and decorators and secure excellent work at a sensible cost
  • we make regular management visits
  • this extra level of service can attract higher quality tenants and better rents.


If you prefer, you can specify maintenance contractors of your own. However, if we are unable to reach them or they are unavailable, we use our own suppliers in order to minimise inconvenience to your tenant.

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Management Visits

Part of our management service is to give you the reassurance that your property is in good order. We personally visit the property at regular intervals to assess its general condition and listen to any concerns from your tenant. This often leads to catching issues while they are still minor and inexpensive to fix.

Please note that these visits are ‘walk throughs’ to pick up on readily visible problems. They are not specialist surveys on the condition of the property, nor are they inventory checks. If a significant problem comes to light which demands extra visits by us or relevant specialists, additional costs will apply.