Now’s the time of year when many of our potential tenants have had school places confirmed for their children. It’s always a relief to know where you’re going, and schools are usually the dominant factor in determining where a family will need to live.

So we’re busy showing families carefully chosen candidate properties, with the need to be comfortably installed for the new school year in September. It’s a great help that the election is done and dusted, as it has cleared away some lingering uncertainties.

For landlords, the result removed the prospect of mansion taxes and a more rigorous tax regime for non-doms. In our view, both would have affected available rental stock as landlords became less willing to invest in, and let, rental property.

For tenants, the result meant that proposed rent controls are no longer on the agenda – a move that, again, could have discouraged landlords, limited supply and, ironically, made rents more expensive. Instead, tenants are finding that there are excellent properties available at sensible rents. New legislation is also giving them even greater protection, ranging from rules on rent deposit schemes and smoke alarms to water safety testing.

In turn, at Aylesford we specialise in monitoring changing regulations and keeping our landlords fully up to speed with what’s required of them.

So all in all, we believe it is now a good rental climate both to rent and rent out prime property. If you’re thinking of either, and with the new school year approaching, do get in touch for a helping hand.

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