To read the papers, you would think London’s prime property market has all but seized up.

Certainly, Grinch at No. 11 has not been helping. But here at Aylesford, this last quarter continues to be busy for our vendors and landlords and we’re hard at work right up to the festivities.

We have deep contacts within the international buyers’ and tenants’ networks - indeed, perhaps half our sales are to incoming foreign families. In an increasingly precarious world, London’s allure remains undiminished.

For career families, the capital means high-quality employment, a wonderful standard of living and excellent education and healthcare. For investors, London is financially and legally stable, and in times of strife these are very precious commodities.

So despite the Chancellor’s best efforts, the sheer desirability of London continues to win through.

Supply and demand of prime property remains reasonably balanced; the lenders are lending; and interest rates remain exceptionally low.

A decent note, then, on which to wish all our clients, buyers, tenants, readers - and even Grinch - a Happy Christmas. And if we can help in any way with a prosperous new year, do drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.