Glyndebourne, a country house with its own theatre, stands in glorious Sussex countryside and is an exquisite way to experience opera. Its founder John Christie insisted on doing "not the best we can do but the best that can be done anywhere”. From the first curtain-up in 1934, this has remained as Glyndebourne’s touchstone.

The traditional way to enjoy Glyndebourne is to dress in evening dress, pack your car with all manner of delicious things and head for Sussex in good time for an excellent pre-performance picnic. While some sprawl on rugs, others seem to bring their entire dining rooms. Whichever you choose, to enjoy the garden and vista, glass in hand, and with the prospect of some divine opera to come, is one of life’s great pleasures.

Dress code: There is no formal dress code beyond ‘smart casual’, although most people observe the tradition of wearing black tie evening dress.