Street view main hall

We have offered some perfectly exquisite property over the last 50 years, but instructions for palaces are something of a rarity.

Not only is Palazzo Nasciaro palatial in the true sense of the word; this 18th century residence has recently been transformed through a highly sensitive restoration programme that took some seven years to complete.

A full-time stone carver was required for over three years; the curvilinear bathroom fittings were sourced from London and Paris; and all-new technologies, from communications and digital entertainment to air conditioning and solar panelling, are cleverly hidden away.

With its imposing main entrance, rococo frontage, a fountain in the central courtyard and a panoramic roof terrace, the palazzo is once again resplendent and stands ready to serve as a sumptuous family residence.

For the head and the heart

The asking price for Palazzo Nasciaro has been set to generate considerable interest, and when coupled with Malta’s buyer-friendly environment, we believe it represents a compelling proposition.

Malta has no wealth, inheritance, capital gains or annual property taxes. And foreigners are welcome to buy property there, subject to vetting rules.

Add Malta’s fabulous climate and long summers into the equation, and the Palazzo Nasciaro demands to be explored.

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