It hits most of us at some point in our lives: the urge to just take off. It might strike after a decade or two at the coalface of work, or as children grow up and leave home. Or perhaps it’s triggered simply by the nagging feeling that, actually, life isn’t a rehearsal.

What adds real spice to the plan is when you realise that the world is waiting to be seen from an entirely different perspective: from the water. And the freedom you have, unlimited by airline schedules, roads or traffic, quickly becomes intoxicating.

Picture slipping over to the Channel Islands on a whim this coming weekend. Or deciding over breakfast in Antibes that you’ll tie up for dinner in Sardinia. Or bringing a long-held dream of a more ambitious voyage to stunning fruition. Picture as well the magnetic effect a beautiful yacht has on all generations, and the priceless shared experiences in store for family and friends. It’s something very special, and I’ve seen it time and again as our clients embark on a life-changing new diversion.

For sale: Constance

Which brings me to Constance (below), because she presents an opportunity for some wonderful adventures. She is one of several options we are currently offering for sale, having given her owners countless shared experiences that they will never forget.

This 95ft. cruising sailboat was launched in 2003 and underwent a complete refit in 2014. She accommodates guests in three beautifully appointed cabins, and in addition there are three separate berths for your crew.

Air conditioned, and complete with digital entertainment, a swimming platform and a fully equipped galley, Constance has delivered exhilarating cruising, everywhere from French Polynesia to the Caribbean, and Sydney Harbour to Scotland. Presented in excellent condition, she will be a soulmate to her next owners, whether they’re seasoned sailors or a family looking to make that nautical urge happen for the first time.

If you would like to know more about her, and indeed take a tour, just click on our website below.


In addition to sales, Stockbridge Yachts also charters some of the world’s most beautiful, fully-crewed yachts and superyachts. We can also tailor every aspect of your experience, from arranging your favourite cuisine and vintages on board, to planning itineraries and securing hard-to-get onshore reservations. Our philosophy is that anything is possible.

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 Constance  Constance

 Constance  Constance

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