Much photographed, published and acclaimed, Casa Vista is a design lover’s dream – for the simple reason that its late owner was one of the finest interior designers of his generation.

The late Jaime Parladé Sanjuanena and his wife Janetta poured heart, soul and exquisite talent into the ultimate design assignment: their own home.

An intensely private residence, Casa Vista is buffered by ten acres of majestic gardens, kitchen gardens and orchards. They surround a spacious country residence that effortlessly welcomes 12-14 guests, with each of its six principal bedrooms complete with a fabulous en suite bathroom.

The designer’s signature is everywhere, as opulence and grandeur sits alongside stripped down earthiness and rustic chic.

Beyond its boundaries, there are vistas of glorious countryside, the Mediterranean and the Straits of Gibraltar. Indeed, Morocco is but a 9-mile, high speed ferry trip away.

Casa Vista is fully staffed, easily reached (Malaga airport is just 1 hour) and the region is replete with world-class golf and tennis.

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