“In addition to drawing up all legal paperwork and collecting rent, Aylesford offers a full management service.

Your tenant expects a home that is fully-functional and safe throughout the tenancy. When things go wrong, they must be addressed immediately; this is a responsibility you can pass on to us.

    The advantages to landlords are considerable:
  • we field all calls from tenants, around the clock
  • we decide, from experience, on the most cost-efficient action
  • we are major customers of trusted plumbers, builders and decorators and secure excellent work at a sensible cost
  • we make regular Management Visits to check that the property is in good order.

Landlords find that full management is a good investment in terms of time, convenience and money. In a typical year, our team receives more than 3000 calls, ranging from broken washing machines and minor maintenance to major plumbing emergencies.

With this extra level of service, fully managed properties can also attract higher quality tenants and better rents.”

full management service